Worlds Beyond

2019 James Cohen.


James Cohen has been an illustrator for over thirty-five years. His current work - science fiction, future- and fantasy-scapes - began in earnest in 2011. His thought-provoking imagery is meant to educate as well as entertain.

James is also an educator. He has taught illustration, graphic design and interactive media for more than twenty years. Schools include The American Academy of Art, The Illinois Institute of Art, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, SCAD and the Academy of Art University (SF). He currently teaches digital painting in the MFA Illustration program at AAU. He believes being an illustrator is key to teaching illustration.

James has an MA in Illustration from Syracuse University and an MFA in Illustration from The University of Hartford (both under the watchful eye of mentor Murray Tinkelman). He also studied art at Northwestern University under artist Ed Paschke and at The American Academy of Art in Chicago.

James works from his studio in Hawthorn Woods, IL. He is married to designer Mary Cohen and has two kids, two dogs and two cats. He resides on planet Earth.


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James' work has appeared in the following:

New York Society of Illustrators, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, American Illustration, Graphis, Print, 3x3, Step-by-Step Graphics, Communication Arts, 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide

James is a member of the New York Society of Illustrators and the Illustrators' Partnership.


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